New NetSfere Feature: Interorganizational Secure Messaging

For those tracking NetSfere’s fast growth and the evolving feature set, here’s something you’ll like.

We’ve just extended our award-winning secure enterprise messaging platform to allow for secure communications between people who work at different organizations.

In practical terms, our NetSfere users can now exchange messages securely with virtually anyone, even individuals who don’t already have a NetSfere account.

As is our mode at Infinite Convergence, this need bubbled up from customer needs and suggestions, and it is designed to handle a variety of real-world use cases, such as these:

  • An attorney at a law firm that uses NetSfere needs to send files to an expert witness consultant who works at another entity. The parties want to communicate and send sensitive files securely. In this case, the attorney can use NetSfere to start a secure conversation with the consultant.
  • A hospital administrator wants to communicate securely with his vendors regarding upcoming policy changes. The administrator already has a NetSfere account, and using this new feature she can simply and easily send secure messages to her vendor contacts.
  • A systems integration firm wants to communicate with clients. Ordinarily, email would be used but certain clients require secure communication to comply with federal regulations. The systems integration firm can now use NetSfere to meet its clients’ regulatory requirements and ensure that clients avoid fines and legal liability.

There are countless other use cases for this new feature, and, already, we are seeing a big uptick in message counts between organizations. This feature also enables “inside-outside messaging” — which I believe is a key success factor for delivering a great customer experience.

In addition, each NetSfere user can now setup a personal NetSfere weblink. Once these weblinks are shared, anyone visiting these web pages can securely send messages to participating NetSfere users. In contrast to many other modes of communication, these conversations will enjoy the same level of message security and protection that is currently in place for internal communications via NetSfere.

There’s more good stuff in the works! But wanted to share this news with you today.

Happy new year, by the way! We’re off to great year so far at Infinite Convergence. As I write this, in early January 2017, we’ve already delivered 28 billion messages. Last year, we delivered a trillion messages, and we are on track to do so again this year, possibly more as the shift from email-based communications to messaging-based communications continues to trend our way.