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Thanks for visiting me here on my personal Anurag Lal website. You can also find me on a variety of other places on the web:

  • Anurag Lal on Quora — Follow me on Quora.
  • Anurag Lal on LinkedIn — Connect with me on LinkedIn.
  • Anurag Lal on LinkedIn Pulse — Read my LinkedIn Pulse posts.
  • Anurag Lal on Medium — If you’ve not yet explored this fast-growing community of thought leaders, I highly recommend it.
  • Anurag Lal on SlideShare — Explore my conference presentations (including keynote speeches and speaking panel participation) as well as some of our NetSfere and Infinite Convergence overview decks.
  • Anurag Lal on Xing — New platform for me. Seems promising.
  • Anurag Lal Bloomberg Profile — Some additional details on my background.
  • Anurag Lal on Reuters — Like Bloomberg, Reuters also tracks high tech executives who have raised venture capital, have been involved with initial public offerings (IPOs) or are affiliated with public companies.
  • Anurag Lal on Wireless Week — My regular Wireless Week column. I write about big trends in mobile technology and wireless.
  • Anurag Lal at Enterprise Connect — Recent conference speaking opportunity for me. My topic was “The Threat of Unsecure Mobile Messaging.”
  • Anurag Lal on Startup Genome — This is a great initiative with the goal of “uniting communities in a collective effort to understand and grow their local startup community.” Bravo!
  • Anurag Lal on AboutMe — Ryan Freitas, Tony Conrad and Tim Young created this excellent site in 2009. It should not be confused with  Google AboutMe, which is where you can see the non-public information that Google has about you.
  • Anurag Lal on Crunchbase — Every notable tech executive is on Crunchbase and I am among very good company on this site. No need to explain what Crunchbase is. Everybody knows TechCrunch and Crunchbase.