From Weak Link to Impenetrable Shield: Empowering Employees to Reduce Cyber Risk

A major risk exposure for enterprises today is cyber risk with 84% of organizations experiencing one or more breaches in 2022. Enterprises are working daily to combat cyber threats which are growing in frequency and sophistication. When successful these threats have costly reputational, legal and financial repercussions. IBM’s most recent Cost of a Data Breach report revealed that the global average cost of a data breach

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Building Digital Trust to Support Digital Transformation and a Distributed Workforce

It’s easier to lose trust than to gain it. Companies large and small are learning that trust, digital trust, is vital to success today in an environment of expanding digital infrastructure and increased reliance on technology to support a distributed workforce. Digital trust refers to “the confidence users have in the ability of people, technology and processes to create a secure digital world”. Companies earn digital

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HIPAA, GDPR, FINRA: Is Your Bottom Line Protected with Secure Mobile Messaging?

Nearly every enterprise today must deal with an evolving compliance landscape which includes an alphabet soup of industry-specific and general data privacy and security regulations. An already complex regulatory environment is projected to get even more complex. Enterprises can expect more regulations as governments across the globe enact laws for protecting data privacy and security. By the end of 2024, Gartner predicts that 75% of the

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Securing Business Communication: Three Must Haves for Securely Supporting Employees in the Digital Workplace

Effective employee communication and collaboration is the engine that drives most successful enterprises. Today, that business communication is happening across geographies, time zones and devices as work becomes less place specific and more digital. With remote and hybrid work now a mainstay in organizations across the globe, enterprises are increasingly relying on technology to support their employees in the digital workplace. As enterprises look to technology

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Three Essential Data Breach Avoidance Best Practices for 2023

Welcome to 2023 and the continuing evolution of enterprise cyber threats. From phishing to malware to ransomware, enterprise cyber risk keeps growing with seemingly no end in sight. As data breaches continue to present one of the biggest threats to businesses across sectors, enterprises must adopt strong cybersecurity strategies that mitigate security threats and protect their business, their data, and their bottom line.  There is increasing

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